The Crooked Mile has recently won the Tribeca Entertainment First Look Award. The honour was bestowed by the pre-eminent Tribeca Film Centre, founded by superstar Robert de Niro and The Crooked Mile Feature Film is the first non-US feature to ever receive this award.

The Crooked Mile is a coming of age road movie, a gentle insistent contemporary fairy tale about the journey’s of Anna, a nine year old ‘adult’ and Elliot, a twenty-something medical school drop out, and their search for a fifties movie icon in Tramore.

First time feature director Stephen Kane directs a cast comprised of some of Ireland’s hottest young stars. Introducing Dayna McKiernan as Anna – a streetwise outgoing kid. Alan Smith who plays Elliot (burdened with Anna), and Clelia Murphy as Jane, Anna’s somewhat distracted mother. Pat Mc Grath also features as Anna’s distant dad in this sweet and cosmic exploration of relationships based around a trek from Dublin to Tramore.

Elliot’s reluctance to the journey is superbly contrasted to Anna’s wistfulness and enthusiasm. This captivating story intertwines nostalgia with a search for something that only ever existed in Anna’s mind and hopes..







Stephen Kane

Julie Daly-Wallman
Avril Ryan
Triona Campbell

Julie Daly-Wallman
Rod Stoneman

Laurence Manly

Jersey / Ireland Co-Production

A Green Eye Production and Campbell Ryan Production

The Crooked Mile