The Crooked Mile was bestowed by the pre-eminent Tribeca Film Centre in New York in 2001, called the Entertainment First Look Award, offered to first time Directors. Founded by superstar Robert de Niro and itís the first feature film to receive the award outside the US. 

To see  Jersey on the big screen in New York was an amazing feeling, one I canít explain. It meant all the hard work had in fact paid off. A lot of top film contacts were there and American Media, a celebratory party was organised for The Crooked Mile and America made us feel very special!

 People at the award ceremony were interested to find out more about Jersey and this must be good for the Island!

Check back - more additions coming

The Story
Take a stroll through the touching story behind The Crooked Mile
Making the Film
Shot in two countries yet forming a seamless visual story, see how the team put the film together
Cast & Crew
Find out a little more about those who starred in the film and those who put it together
Those Who Made it Possible
No Film would be made if it wasn't for foresight and backing of others. Find out more about those who helped realise the making of the film.